Tuf-Lok™ Tube Couplings Assembly

Easy Assembly                                               The Parts

The Tuf-Lok ring grip tube coupling can be installed on any pipe having the same outside diameter, such as 11GA, 14GA, 16GA. After welding the metal rings onto each tube end as shown, the Tuf-Lok coupling is ready to be installed.

Steps 1 through 4 of the assembly shown below can be performed in the shop or in the field. No special tools are required for assembly.


How It's Assembled

Step 1Step 1 - A Tuf-Lok coupling ring is placed over each square cut, deburred tube end. Step 6Step 6 -The Tuf-Lok rubber gasket is positioned on one tube end.
Step 2Step 2 - The Tuf-Lok coupling rings are held in place using the nylon ring gauges provided, insuring correct welding position. Step 7Step 7 - Both tube ends are butted together and the rubber gasket is centered.
Step 3Step 3 - The coupling ring is tack welded in place between the ring gauges. Step 8Step 8 - The Tuf-Lok cover slips over the rings and against the rubber gasket.
Step 4Step 4 - The nylon ring gauges are removed and the ring is con- tinuously welded on the tube end side only. The weld does not need to be air tight. Step 9Step 9 - Bonded metal tabs on the Tuf-Lok gasket are positioned between cover halves.
Step 5Step 5 -A simple soap solution is used to lubricate the Tuf-Lok seal for ease of installation. Step 10Step 10 - With both metal Tuf-Lok covers positioned over the welded rings, the covers are evenly tightened.

Download the Installation and Operations Guide

Tuf-Lok Ring Grip Tube Couplings
Series 788
Installation & Operations Guide
Bulletin T052213
(PDF file - 400K)

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